Moito de Mar e Peixes

The essence of tradition; the drive of innovation

Moradiña, a fishing company started in 1981, supplies frozen fish to factories and distributors in Spain and beyond. We work with a large variety of frozen fish species, such as Greenland halibut, European flounder, skate, four-spot megrim, grenadier, hogfish, red fish, hake, pink cusk-eel, flying squid, squid, greater fork-beard, etc.


Our ships apply freezing technology to fish products to be able to bring them to market in top condition. Thanks to our ample experience in the industry and the continuous research work carried out in our fleet over many years, we are able to achieve a final quality that makes us a leading company in the processing of fish, capable of meeting the demands of our customers and offering them the best custom-made solutions to their needs. The Playa de Sartaxens, the Playa da Cativa, the Playa Menduiña Dos, the Eirado do Costal and the Santa Mariña are five freezer trawlers that currently belong to the firm, working mainly in the NAFO area, the Irminger Sea, Hatton Bank and the Falkland Islands.

Trabajo Buque Arrastrero

A great team ashore to serve those at sea.

Moradiña has over a hundred employees, most of whom are from the Morrazo Peninsula. Over the years, it has taken on a responsibility and commitment to generating jobs and wealth in the region.

We believe in fostering loyalty, both from our employees, and to their families. We feel proud of what people in our industry say about us:

A xente de Moradiña, xubílase en Moradiña

Fishing Grounds

Pioneers in the N.A.F.O. fishing ground

In 1984, this ship Moradiña began fishing for European flounder in the NAFO area with a Japanese fishing expert versed in the handling and preparation of this type of fish. It was one of the first vessels to work this fishing ground. Coinciding with the expulsion of the Spanish fleet from the Namibia fishing grounds, and with a view to seeking alternatives, in 1990, the company Moradiña applied for the first Greenland halibut experimental fishing campaign for the vessel Playa de Sartaxens. The campaign proved successful and marked the beginning of the development of this fishery .



We believe in incorporating the best available technologies in the field of energy efficiency and environmental management, promoting innovative industrial processes compatible with environmental sustainability. To prevent pollution in the oceans, we sort waste aboard, then recycle it on land.


Social commitment in the El Morrazo region and fundamental values of society. We collaborate with sports clubs and cultural associations. A regular schedule of donations to the food bank, Red Cross, Cáritas, Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC), Fundación AFIM (Ayuda, Formación e Integración de Personas con Discapacidad), Fundación FAIBEN (Fundación de Apoio á Infancia e ao Benestar), etc.


We were the first ship to set sail with a woman who became a qualified Maritime Fishing Expert through the REDMAR II Project.


Enrolment of intern students from the Atlantic Maritime Polytechnic Institute. Participation and collaboration with the First Dual Training Project of the Vigo Institute.


We implement and oversee rigorous safety systems to protect all those involved in our activity.

Our Ships

Using factory ships, we freeze the fish aboard for a higher-quality product. When the fish is caught out at sea, it is immediately processed and frozen, to a temperature of -40º within a few hours. This procedure reduces natural oxidation and locks in freshness, preventing microbial growth and nutrient loss.

We invest in excellence

The technological innovation required by an industry in constant change requires investment to modernise the characteristics of our ships.
At Moradiña we are inspired by the philosophy of continuous improvement, ever present in our DNA since 1981. We therefore
allocate all the necessary resources to boosting our capacities and, at the same time, the working conditions of our workforce.

Innovación Pesquera